What this blog is about...

Since first seeing the "Adventurer" miniatures from Hasslefree I set about writing a zombie game for them.

The main aim of the game is to be totally character based

The players controls a few survivors, they must find more survivors and get out of the town

the zombies are totally autonomous, they are controlled by dice rolls and random movement generators

the characters are only armed with the weapons physically modelled on them

the appearance of the characters has a major affect on how they react to situations

Please feel free to comment, critique and add to any and all of the posts on this blog, i'm looking for anyone with a fun outlook on a game to help me get the best out of some fantastic miniatures.

The rulebook will be a free download when it is finished.

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Oh My God!! They Killed The Zombie! You B******'s!!

To prove this blog is still in progress, slowly, I've got some pics of some new additions, one looks strangely familar...

First up, Generic Zombie #2

And this little chap...

Parker, from Hasslefree, I couldnt resist giving him an orange coat.

one of my favourites.

I've made some real progress with some other characters, and the rules are starting to stitch together. i'm just trying to get the "feel" of the rules to sit right. they need to be fun and fast, but detailed enough to make this game interesting. the detail is easy, making it easy to remember and swift to play is the difficult bit!

more updates to follow soon (and not in 6 months like this last update haha!)