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Since first seeing the "Adventurer" miniatures from Hasslefree I set about writing a zombie game for them.

The main aim of the game is to be totally character based

The players controls a few survivors, they must find more survivors and get out of the town

the zombies are totally autonomous, they are controlled by dice rolls and random movement generators

the characters are only armed with the weapons physically modelled on them

the appearance of the characters has a major affect on how they react to situations

Please feel free to comment, critique and add to any and all of the posts on this blog, i'm looking for anyone with a fun outlook on a game to help me get the best out of some fantastic miniatures.

The rulebook will be a free download when it is finished.

Tuesday, 18 January 2011


So this project hasnt had the best start, like my old Rover sat on the driveway it splutters and coughs but at this moment has been sat on the driveway for quite a few months now.


I have just taken delivery of even more hasslefree miniatures!

so lets get the whip cracking!

I've been writing a whole new ruleset for the past few weeks. i would love some opinions on what i have so far.

Basic game overview:

quick uncomplicated system of rules

Dice rolling, quite often using the age old system of requiring to roll under a number with 2D6


Any miniatures can be used thanks to a simple stats system which simply adds up a "Bravery Value" based on age, any armour (helmets etc) and what weapons they are carrying.

this single number represents how brave the character is - dictating how far they can move, how many times they can shoot, and how likely they are to be successful in performing actions.

special rules are given to the characters by simply looking at what the character is (cop, soldier, lazy, athlete, angry, scared, etc)


the zombies will by automated by random dice rolling, they will have varying degrees of intelligence and will generally be attracted to the characters through sight and noise!

zombies can be killed, by sheer brutal force or pure luck, generally though, a shooting or combat attack against a zombie will simply send them stumbling backwards, this gives your character vital time to run away until the zombie closes in, encouraging your own characters to interact, working together, and also gives you a gameplay mechanic to "pinball" zombies towards enemy teams.


Movement is simple, but as soon as your character even glimpses a zombie they test for bravery. failing this may leave them slightly incapacitated (stunned) or may make them run for their lives.

Shooting takes up movement, depending on the difficulty of use (pistols easy, sniper rifle not so), the weapons are more effective at their natural range, pistols up close, rifles further away, and sniper rifles and rocket launchers are great at long distance, but unweildy closer up. weapons also have a stopping power, a representation of how hard they "hit" the zombies, knocking them backwards.

Combat is all about how suited to combat your weapons are, there are alternate options of course (fists, a hastily grabbed rock) but these are generally non-lethal to zombies. a well placed baseball bat to the head will send a zombie stumbling back, whereas a sniper rifle placed under the chin will send a zombies head flying into the stratosphere, but getting it there is obviously much more difficult.

Expansion packs

I have no plans to incorperate human on human combat in this iteration of the game, it will be assumed all humans want to work together.
however I will be including "extensions" to the rulebook, detailing further game elements such as vehicles, special rules, special characters, settings and other monsters.

As I have just recieved the hazmat team from hasslefree, i will definately be writing up a military expansion, to allow evil corporation goons to run amok in the Zomg! world.

Well thats a basic summary, please do comment and suggest some ideas, I'm after a nice simple game system thats friendly, fun, and most importantly, so open ended that you can tailor it to nearly any small team based gaming.

hopefully I can get a rough draft of the rulebook hosted online at some point (any pointers?)

Cheers all.

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